Medina resident sentenced on forgery charge

JACKSON, Tenn. — A Medina man has been sentenced to eight months in federal prison for forgery, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Jay Richard Hassman, 52, had outstanding debts with various creditors and created a false restraining order, according to a news release. The release says the restraining order had a forged digital signature of U.S. District Court Judge Sheryl H. Lipman.

The false order stated that creditors were restrained from “reprocessing, beginning the foreclosure process, shutting off utilities, eviction proceedings and/or other services until May 19, 2016,” the release says.

The order also required creditors to negotiate Hassman’s debts and credit any fees.

The order was sent to several creditors, the release says.

Hassman was sentenced to eight months in prison, consecutive to 11 months he is currently serving in Tipton County on an unrelated matter. He will also serve three years of supervised release.

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