New details emerge in case against accused gunman as witnesses testify

JACKSON, Tenn. — Thursday was an emotional day in Jackson City Court as 19-year-old Braxton Taylor appeared for a preliminary hearing.

Taylor is charged with first-degree murder in the Jan. 28 shooting of 20-year-old Daithan Cobb.

“We were at the store and my nephew called and said he had been shot,” the victim’s mother said.

Cobb’s mother took the stand recounting the day her son was shot and the days he spent in the hospital.

“He was conscious from Jan. 28 until Jan. 31. He flat-lined Jan. 31, and after that they said he had no more brain activity,” she said.

She says he was shot once in the leg, three times in the back and once in the heart.

“We asked him point blank who shot you, and he said Braxton Taylor,” she said.

The court also heard from Jackson Police Capt. Jeff Shepard who says the victim told police who pulled the trigger.

“The victim looked up at both of us, and his eyes got wide and he said Braxton Taylor,” Capt. Shepard said.

The shocking revelation made in court Thursday was that there was not one suspect but two.

“The two individuals were like ‘yeah, let’s go get him,'” one witness said.

“I saw a person get out of the car and there was a pedestrian who was walking on the side of the road,” the witness said. “It looked like he was minding his own business. He didn’t try and talk back to the person who got out of the car.”

We are not identifying the witness, but she says she was in the backyard with her family when she saw Cobb walking down the street. She says a car with two men inside pulled up. She says Taylor got out the car, then back in. Minutes later, she said she heard gunshots.

“My kids were outside and they were really afraid at this point. It’s not really fun when your 5-year-old says they don’t want to get shot.”

We heard testimony from a man who says he was in the same holding cell as Braxton Taylor and heard him say he shot and killed Cobb.

“Someone asked him if he was guilty or if he did it and he responded, yes, I did do it, but I will not tell the court I did,” the man testified.

The case will now be bound over to the grand jury.

Taylor remains behind bars.

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