Atlanta flights from Jackson see strong takeoff



JACKSON, Tenn. — Air Choice One, a St. Louis-based regional airline, added a new route from Jackson to Atlanta, Georgia. The flights started March 1, and the new addition is exceeding all expectations.

On the first day, there were 160 seats available. Now on the 12th day of this scheduled flight, 150 passengers have already flown.

Steve Smith, executive director of Jackson-Madison County Airport Authority, shares the success of this new route and wants to look ahead.

“The success for Atlanta has been so good that we have begun to talk with our air carrier about a larger aircraft, and we feel like that is going to happen, and we also feel like it is going to happen sooner than later,” Smith said.

“The weekends are already booked all the way through the middle of April,” Smith added. “So if somebody is wanting to go to Atlanta, then we need to pick your dates and let’s try and get on the schedule.”

Kim Brannon, a frequent flyer, says this new route is extremely convenient for her as she flies to Atlanta often as her hub and for her layover.

“So to be able to get there more efficiently as far as time and cost is amazing,” Brannon said.

Sherry Hutcherson, another passenger on Monday’s noon flight, shares her reason why this new route personally suits her.

“Oh my goodness, I was so excited when I first found out about it,” Hutcherson said. “That ride becomes very long, the drive there does. So, this will make it a lot less time that I can get to her house. My little granddaughter is happy about that.”

Tay McDaniel, station manager with Air Choice One, suggests that those interested in flying go ahead and book now.

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