Mostly Cloudy And Breezy Today

Weather Update:

Low clouds moved in pretty quick this morning. In terms of the morning lows it saved most of West Tennessee from falling too far below freezing, however the same clouds will persist most of today. We can thank the typical inversion which develops on the back side of upper level low pressure system. Moisture gets trap in the form of mid to low level clouds that will persist most of the day. The clouds act as a reflector much of the day keeping temperatures in the 40s. as High Pressure gradually settles into the area tonight that will clear out clouds, but allow temperatures to fall into the lower 30s overnight.  it will also keep the breeze going much of the day. Bottom line, it’ll be cold cloudy and brisk most of today. I’ll be back later this morning with another check of the full forecast coming up at 11:30 AM on ABC 7 for Midday and again at Noon on CBS 7.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell

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