What’s New Wednesday: Wings, Etc.

From beer, fries to wings, Wings Etc is the place to be if you’re hungry. It’s the first of its kind in Tennessee.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News’ News Anchor Ariana Alexa went inside the kitchen to see how everything’s made.

“I’m the wing master. The wing master!” said Wing Etc’s Wingmaster Chef Lewis Bradley. Bradley says he adds more than spices and sauces while he cooks, has another inspiration.

“I just love cooking, I prepared meals for my grandmother,” said Wingmaster Bradley. But when asked what ingredients are in the wings, he jokes, “If I tell you, I might have to kill you.”

One of Wings Etc’s special hot dog and tater-tot meal is called the “Homewrecker.” They even have what they call “The Tanker” which is 100 ounces of any beer you choose.

“You have to come get you some ‘etc,’ you know we’ve had Buffalo Wild Wings, you have your Kentucky Fried Chicken, but you don’t have your ‘etc!'” said Bradley. “I enjoy making people’s bellies happy, just as happy as my smile.”

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