Milan police arrest 4 men in 2 separate drug busts

MILAN, Tenn. — Four people are behind bars after two separate drug busts in Milan.

Police say they found a total of $5,000, six firearms and a large amount of marijuana.

Milan Police Chief Bobby Sellers says the first happened last Thursday when one of his officers spotted something suspicious.

“He got out to do a stop with the person and saw some drug paraphernalia, and he knew it came from the man’s residence,” Sellers said.

Sellers says police searched the house on Park Avenue.

“They came back and searched the premises and wound up making two arrests. One was a Cortez Jackson and the second was a Timothy Finch,” Sellers said.

Timothy Finch, 50, and Cortez Jackson, 24, are facing several drug and gun charges.

Inside the home police say they found marijuana, guns and a large amount of cash. Sellers says these weren’t just regular guns.

“There were two pistols, then there were two that were like AK-47s,” Sellers said.

Thanks to a tip, Milan officers did another drug raid the next day, this time on Creswell Street.

“Again found marijuana, firearms, scales and other items, baggies, things that are common when you go into a house where they are distributing marijuana,” Sellers said.

Kenneth Cook, 50, and Londra Hicks, 25, were arrested.

All four suspects are behind bars with bonds ranging from $3,000 to $20,000.

Chief Sellers says his team is being proactive in Milan and they investigate every tip submitted.

“If your name comes up on one of these tips, we are going to come through your house and make it hard for you to do business in Milan,” Sellers said.

Chief Sellers says some of those arrested are convicted felons and could possibly face strong federal charges.

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