What’s New Wednesday: Jackson Escape Room

Jackson Escape Room owner Lee Wilson is a winner of the reality T.V. show “Hunted” where contestants act as fugitives on the run from high-skilled investigators. He used his escaping skills to create a place in West Tennessee where you can be trapped in a room on purpose. You just need to be clever to find your way out.

“Jackson Escape Room is the accident gone horribly right,” says Wilson. Wilson says he opened the very first Jackson Escape Room in West Tennessee for one reason.

“Boredom! We were tired of running through the same old option in Jackson,” said Wilson.

Madison Academic High School Senior Jeremy Hulin and his friends used their wits against the challenging clues and perplexing puzzles.

“The clues vary. Sometimes it’s putting together puzzle pieces or patterns or frames on a wall or messages in a bottle,” says Hulin.


And there’s another catch: you have to figure out all the clues in under 60 minutes in order to get out.

“I think there is a fear you won’t finish in time and adds pressure to get out,” says Hulin.

Luckily this time, Hulin and his friends escaped

“This is more fun than anything I’d seen on T.V.,” said Hulin.

“It’s the future of fun in Tennessee!’ said Wilson.

If you are you up for the challenge, Wilson says use the code “SPRING BREAK 2018” to get a 30% discount.

Jackson Escape Room is located at 217 E Deaderick Street in Jackson.

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