Local police chief warns of scam calls becoming more frequent

WHITEVILLE, Tenn. — Phone scams are nothing new, but officers are reminding you to be aware of the warning signs.

“If it seems too good to be true, it’s too good to be true,” Whiteville Police Chief Steven Stanley said.

It’s a message Stanley wants to emphasize after a new type of scam call is making the rounds in the area.

“They will call and say ‘I’m from the IRS, and an arrest warrant has been issued for you,'” Stanley said. “They say if you pay this amount, then we won’t come arrest you.”

Stanley says scammers are always working to find new ways to sound more realistic.

But he says one fact won’t ever change. “They’re all just trying to steal your money,” Stanley said.

Stanley says no law enforcement officer will ever call you to tell you there’s a warrant out for your arrest, or ever demand personal information or money over the phone.

“If anybody ever calls you and says if you don’t pay this amount we will arrest you, that would never occur,” he said.

Another tip is to check the Federal Trade Commission Website.

Stanley says this site is constantly updated to identify different scams and scammers.

“If they worked this hard at a real job as they did at trying to scam people, they would be well off,” Stanley said.

Stanley says many scammers prey on seniors.

If you receive a call and aren’t sure if it’s a scam, call your local police department and ask.

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