Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Kathy Aden

BELLS, Tenn. — Kathy Aden is a third grade language arts teacher at Bells Elementary School, but she didn’t start out in the classroom.

“Originally, I have a degree in merchandising and marketing, and I have a background in banking and retail management,” Aden said.

But in 2006, she says she knew it was her ultimate calling.

“I just knew I was supposed to be in education,” Aden said. “And it has been the best decision I have ever made.”

Aden has her master’s degree in education and taught ESL last year, but she missed interacting with the students, so she came back to third grade.

“If I can tie in real-world to the classroom, they love it. That’s what they want because that’s what they understand,” Aden said.

But she isn’t just making a difference in students’ lives during normal school hours.

“I tutor kindergarten, so I have to get here early every day. I tutor after school. I do fifth grade language on Tuesdays,” Aden said.

She even gives up part of her summer for a summer enrichment camp.

Her third grade teacher is who inspired her most to pursue teaching.

“We would create all different kinds of hands-on activities and projects and, of course, that stuff is what you remember,” Aden said.

She hopes her students remember her long after they leave her classroom.

“I really work on social skills and manners, and I just hope they leave out of here knowing that I love them,” Aden said.  “I just want the best for them, and I’m always here if they want to come back and talk.”

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