UPDATE: Police say body, vehicle found in creek match description of missing man

JACKSON, Tenn. — Police say a body and vehicle found in a creek in east Jackson match the description of a missing person and vehicle.

The vehicle was found upside down in a creek off John Williams Road near East Chester Street, according to a release from the Jackson Police Department.

“I’ve been here 10 years and this is a new thing for me, but unfortunately the world we live in, nothing surprises me anymore,” Jeff Swann, who works nearby, said.

Police were called to the scene around 8 a.m. Monday. They say Jackson Energy Authority crews were working in the area and found the vehicle.

“It’s not a traveled road at all,” Swann said. “It was actually built to deter the water in this area ’cause this is a bad flood zone.”

Police say the body of a black man was found inside the vehicle.

The vehicle and body match the description of a person and vehicle reported missing Thursday, according to the release.

The body will be sent to the state Medical Examiner’s Office in Nashville to determine the identity and cause of death, according to the release.

“It’s kind of scary, but I hear shootings sometimes, all the time, you know,” Clarence Williams, who lives nearby, said. “I really expect anything around here the way it is now.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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