Gibson County hosted their 22nd annual Sports Hall of Fame banquet

TRENTON, Tenn. — On Friday night the Gibson County Sports Hall of Fame held their 22nd annual Hall of Fame banquet. They honored seven former players and coaches along with two teams.

Those inducted were, Terry Brown as a contributor from Peabody High School, Gary Guthrie from Humboldt High School, George Kidd III from Milan High School, Carol Barrett Stricklin from Medina High School, William Ray from Trenton Rosenwald High School, John Summers from Peabody High School, and Jim Wallace from Bradford High School.

The teams inducted were Peabody High School’s 1966-67  boys basketball team and Trenton Rosenwald High School’s 1953 Bears football team.

Committee member, Cheri Childress shared her favorite moment about the banquet.

“Just seeing the older people coming together and telling tales about when they used to play and then fans that sat in those stands and cheered for them when they were young kids running up and down the court are still following them today cheering for them when they’re getting inducted,” Chrildress said.