TDEC taking over EWS landfill in Benton County

CAMDEN, Tenn.–The Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation is spending around $4 million to take over the EWS landfill in Benton County.

Community members and TDEC engineers met at the Benton County Courthouse in Camden, Thursday night.

They say the EWS landfill went bankrupt last April and now the state is taking over. The landfill is in charge of all environmental control systems. Organizers say construction of the closure will take place some time next week.

“I do think at this point the waste is there and we need to get that waste completely protected from the environment to keep the system separate so putting in a state of the art highly engineered system to do that I do think that’s the right thing to do,” said Patrick Flood, Director, Division of Solid Waste, TDEC.

Experts say people should expect loud noises, odors, dust and more traffic when construction starts. TDEC says the closure of the landfill will be finished in the Fall.

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