Haywood community members gather to honor their local school system leaders

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Plenty of purple and white could be found at Family Life Fellowship Church in Brownsville. Haywood community members showed their Tomcat spirit in support of their school system leaders, and as a way to honor all their years of service. Pastor Undrae Johnson says it’s important to recognize those who pave the way to shape the school system.

“We wanted to go back and pay homage to those who had laid a foundation, and so that was the most exciting thing to me that the staff and I know we agreed to just say ‘lets go back and celebrate our legends’ and that’s what we wanted to do today,” said Pastor Johnson.

Pastor Johnson says his goal is to make sure school leaders are listened to, not just within the county.

“I really want this message to leak out and go beyond Haywood,” said Pastor Johnson. “I believe that the collaboration that we can bring to the school system, the educating. We can actually help to make sure that our success, our children success is a achievable.”

They hope to keep expanding events like this each year.

“I plan in the future, really wanted to have an entire weekend to celebrate our legends, then celebrate our students.” said Pastor Johnson.

He says the community’s support is vital to fix any school system issues.

“When you bring light to something we celebrate over it, and then we can work together,” said Pastor Johnson.

He hopes that other communities take the time to honor those who helped shape their children’s education as well.

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