Brownsville residents surprise local family with surprise trip to Gatlinburg

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn —  The Brownsville community came together Saturday to spread their generosity with a family in need.

Lashonda Hammond said while planning a vacation, she was inspired to help someone who may not have the luxury of doing so. Hammond then started a Gofundme page, raising over $2,000. Several residents who donated to the family came together for the surprise announcement.

The winner, Christy Henderson, was at her home when she received the good news.

“I thank y’all for everything. I didn’t expect for me to do it, not me, because I don’t ever think that anybody ever thinks of me, but I’m so overwhelmed and overjoyed. Thank ya’ll so much,” Winner of the free vacation, Christy Henderson said.

Henderson will be going on a four day, three night paid vacation to Gatlinburg. Hammond says she was overwhelmed by the generosity and excited to see that she and her community could make it happen.

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