Big Idaho Potato Truck draws support for local cause

PARSONS, Tenn. — It’s one large potato for a large cause.

The Big Idaho Potato Truck has made several stops across the country including at Prater’s Taters in Parsons as part of a mission to help small local charities.

“This is something that they do to help with our local charities,” Prater’s Taters owner Edward Prater said. “It’s a great event, just glad to be here.”

This was a yearlong plan organized by the Decatur County Chamber of Commerce and local organizations.

“I saw the commercial for the Big Idaho Potato Truck, and I thought this would be perfect if I can get it arranged where I can have them at Prater’s Taters,” Commerce Director Charles Taylor said.

This event will help raise donations to go toward the Decatur County Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

“It’s always an honor anytime we’re recognized and our community wants to help out with what we do,” Carl Perkins Center Director Clay Jordan said. “April is actually Child Abuse Prevention Month, so this was a wonderful opportunity to help raise awareness about child abuse prevention.

There were also several activities for children and families.

“We have over 200 potatoes that children will be able to come by, take one of the potatoes and actually decorate,” Taylor said.

Community members are able to sign a board for the event, and for each signature the Idaho Potato Commission will donate a dollar toward the center.

“Anytime we can take the opportunity to just raise awareness just to bring a little more of that, anything we can do is worth that,” Jordan said.

The truck’s visit in Parsons was only one stop on its six-month tour. The next stop will be in Louisville, Kentucky.

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