What’s New Wednesday: The Skeleton Krew and Third Eye Curiosities

Two Jackson natives met in high school and have been lighting up the stage for 4 and half years. Now, they are using their artistic skills in a different realm.

Chances are if you’ve seen any live music in Jackson, you’ve heard of “The Skeleton Krew.”

“It’s Southern Gothic, like 70’s style rock and roll,” said 20-year-old Cameron Briley who makes up the band with her best friend, 23-year-old Hunter Cross.

“We draw inspiration from Tom Waits and Bob Dylan,” said Cross. “If we are touching somebody and we are making music feel that way it makes me feel, then I think I’m doing my job.”

Not only are they using their talents to perform, they are using them to pick up something more creative. The Skeleton Krew turned retail crew opened Third Eye Curiosities in downtown Jackson with hopes to share their creative side on and off the stage.

“I really wanted to open up something that people could access music and novelties and musical instruments and stuff like that I would have wanted when I was younger,” said Cross. “Curiosities and novelties galore! We like it weird.”

“We sell many things from vinyl records to antiques. I like sharing things with people and I thought this would be a good way to do it,” said Briley.

The grand opening for Third Eye Curiosities is Friday.

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