What’s New Wednesday: Buff City Soap

The owner of a new local spot decided to quit his day job selling cell phones and go the cleaner route.

“I wanted to bring something creative to Jackson,” said Buff City Soap’s owner Trent Sullivan. He says he was inspired to open up the shop after he noticed his son’s skin issue.

“He had excema pretty bad. I just looked at labels and it sketched me out. There’s gotta be something better,” said Sullivan.  “Everything in here is good for sensitive skin.”

Buff City Soap on Union University Drive is filled with colorful products, but what you really need to do is go inside and smell it!

“I just really like the smell. I’ve used their bath bombs before and they smell really good,” said a customer.


The store has 70 different types of soaps, body butters, and bath bombs. For all the men out there, don’t worry there is something for you too: beard oils.

“Your significant other wants to cuddle up with you more if your hair is soft. Everything is natural here and made right on butcher block counter,” said Sullivan.

You can make your own bath bombs and schedule parties for fun. The finished products not only smell good, they are a work of art.

Buff City Soap is located at 1319 East Union University Drive in Jackson.

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