Buford Pusser Festival gets underway in Adamsville

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. — The 30th annual Buford Pusser Festival kicked off Thursday night in Adamsville in memory of the former McNairy County sheriff.

The kickoff event is named the Sheriff Buford Cup, where hundreds of people came out for the wrestling event.

Five wrestling matches took place with each match having single elimination, 10- minute matches.

“This is a great event because it really brings this community together, but the fans have a good time they ‘boo’ the bad guys and cheer the good guys and that’s how its suppose to be. This is old school, southern fried wrestling,” said Bert Prentice.

The Buford Pusser Festival ends Saturday night following the annual Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and Fallen Officer of the Year ceremonies.

There will also be a concert in the Adamsville City Park.

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