Voters attend candidate forum ahead of August election

JACKSON, Tenn — West Tennessee voters had an opportunity to get acquainted with local candidates.

The August election is just around the corner, but before you head to the polls candidates have to prove why they deserve your vote.

West Tennessee is gearing up to welcome a new wave of civil leaders.

“Always good that you have new ideas and new thoughts to be brought to the table,” Voter, Willie Moore Jr. said.

The Jackson Madison County Branch of the NAACP hosted a candidate forum for city and county seats.

“We want to know those issues that are critical to them, whereby we will share some things that are critical to us as a community as well,” NAACP Chairman of Civic Engagement, Carol Carter McCright said.

Voters like Ann Vanderlinde say in order to get her vote a candidate’s interests have to match hers. “Very interested in the issue of does money go to school or does money go to jail,” Vanderlinde said. “I am in favor of money going to schools,”

Over in Haywood county five mayoral candidates took the stage explaining why they should be elected.

“We need to know that they’re going to do something about the mega site,” Voter, Joyce Robertson said.

“We want to hear what are the people asking for, then someone that’s going to take what the people are asking for and execute someone who’s going to do the work and do the job,” Voter, Jay Boyd said.

Many voters say they want less talk and more action.

“I want to see what the candidates also going to do as far as getting out, talking to voters in the community, see what kind of action their going to bring to the table not just lip service,” Moore said.

“For me it’s not about what’s good for the ear, what are you really going to do,” Boyd said.

The state primary and county general election will be held August 2nd.

As a reminder all voters must present a federal or Tennessee state ID with your name and photograph when voting at the polls.

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