What’s New Wednesday: The Happy Shack

4th of July is time for burgers and naps and two women combined both of these things to create a store in Three Way.

What do you get when you see a mattress store next to a hamburger food truck? You get The Happy Shack!

“We’re just always super happy! We try to, you know, just be upbeat all the time,” said Tamra Yancey.

Yancey helped open The Happy Shack with her partner, Alesha Edwards. Edwards has been in the mattress business for 27 years. They’re love for grilling inspired them to combine their passions.

“I’m in charge o the mattress gallery and I leave Tammy in charge of the cooking,” said Edwards.

“We make everything fresh. Everything is prepared daily. It’s the best burger you’ll ever have,” said Yancey.

“I ordered the La Bamba Burger. It is amazing ,” said loyal customer, John Gideon. “I actually did the mattress first!”

The best part is you get your sandwich and then just come in, grab a mattress and you can either take a nap or buy one!

“I’ve had several customers that came out to buy an $8 half pound burger and ended up with $1,000 mattress,” said Edwards.

“I know the mattresses are good,” said customer, Vaden Lawrence. “I bought a Bed Boss Revolution, so I’m a happy customer.”


The Happy Shack is located off highway 45 bypass North in Three Way at 5345 Nika.

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