1 dead after tree falls on parked car at Pickwick Landing State Park

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — A family preparing to spend the night watching Fourth of July fireworks is struck by tragedy.

Pickwick Landing State Park Manager Andy Wright says a severe thunderstorm came through the area right before the fireworks were to begin at the park, leaving thousands without cover.

“About 40 minutes before the fireworks show was supposed to start, we had a small storm cell roll through, and several trees went down throughout the park,” Wright said.

He says a 46-year-old woman was in a parked SUV with six other people when one of those trees fell.

“There were several people in the vehicle that the fatality occurred in, but she was the only one that passed away,” Wright said. “One tree right here, close by, landed on three separate cars.”

“The fire department and the rescue crews were here at the park, so it took just a few minutes to get through with a lot of traffic,” Hardin County Fire Chief and Emergency Management Agency Director Melvin Martin said. “It didn’t take but just a few minutes to get to the scene where the accident was.”

The tree fell directly on top of the back seats of the SUV. “We had to cut the tree off the vehicle and then use the jaws of life to open a door, then EMS transported the patient,” Martin said.

The woman later died in a Corinth, Miss., hospital. “Thankfully no one else was hurt, but it was just a bad situation,” Martin said.

The woman’s name has not been released.

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