Federal grant helps bring new internet access to rural West TN communities

BETHEL SPRINGS, Tenn. — McNairy County residents can now expect to have more access to high speed internet.

“It’s huge because this is going to serve us, 2,000 McNairy County residents, with high-speed internet,” McNairy County Mayor Ronnie Brooks said.

State Rep. Ron Gant says all this is due to a federal communication grant that was awarded to the community, which helps with the infrastructure of rural communities.

“Twenty-six million per year for six years is what this brings to the table,” Gant said. “So we’re excited about this for Fayette County, Hardeman County and McNairy County.”

Thanks to the grant, thousands in all three counties will now have access to internet services.

“As a rural county, those kind of expenses for broadband internet is difficult to fund,” Mayor Brooks said. “And this gave us the opportunity to get it funded and get it to the homes here in the county.”

Gant says access could take a few months.

“Hopefully in the next six months this will be processed, rolling it out over the next six months, and should be able to take advantage of this pretty soon,” Gant said.

Gant said this will help bring more business in the future, creating new jobs in the community over the years now that businesses would have easy internet access.

AT&T is the new provider coming to the area.

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