Jackson City Council meets for first time of new fiscal year

JACKSON, Tenn. — With the new fiscal year underway, Jackson City Council members gathered Tuesday for the first meeting of 2018-2019.

Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist says council members have many plans in the works, including addressing the need for a new city court building and working on construction throughout the city.

“The bypass, Highland Avenue and FE Wright Drive, so we have a lot going on in the city,” Gist said.

Members voted Tuesday to help pay for a new HVAC system at the Jackson-Madison County Library.

Mayor Gist says the city will spend $140,000 for the new system, plus more money for roof repairs at the library.

But Gist says they have not determined how much that repair will cost.

“That will be an effort between the county and the city because it is an emergency repair. We have to repair our buildings,” Gist said.

Council members also heard a proposal from Lane College and Union University for the construction of a new sculpture at Shirlene Mercer Park.

Councilman Johnny Dodd, who represents that district, says the sculpture would honor seven African-Americans who made an impact on the city.

“It’s an opportunity to show unity and talk about history in our community,” Dodd said.

Mayor Gist says construction on the project is estimated to cost $60,000 and should begin next month.

The next Jackson City Council meeting is scheduled for Aug. 6.

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