Jackson Christian hopes the veterans can lead the way

JACKSON, Tenn. — Led by Darby Palmer, the Jackson Christian Eagles are looking to soar to new heights this season. 2017 was Palmer’s first year, he was able to install his system and coach up the kids the way he felt was best. Now he’s challenging his older guys to lead the way and show the young guys how it’s done.

“We had about 8 guys in new positions defensively and a lot of first-year guys on the offensive line so going into this they have a lot of experience underneath their belt,” Palmer said.

But in order to become a successful team, the Eagles will have to become a family.

“This team has high goals, of course, one of our goals is to host a home playoff game but the vibes that we have in the locker room right now, we’re really tight-knit, close, together and that’s exciting to see at this point of the season.”

The Eagles will kick off their season against TCA, August 17.