What’s New Wednesday: Total Fitness Kickboxing

Hannah Wright says she started kickboxing in middle school.

“I was a really angry middle-schooler. I was really angry. I played sports a lot and I needed another outlet,” said Wright.

Her outlet is Total Fitness Kickboxing on Union University Drive in Jackson. She boxes 5 days a week.

“Eventually, they were like ‘why don’t you just train here?’ and I was like, ‘yes!'” says Wright.

Shes been training classes since June.

“It’s more than just physical, it’s a lot of mental too, like confidence whether you’re an older person just trying to get mobility back or younger person looking to get in shape,” said Jonas Malady, gym manager.

Hannah doesn’t regret kicking her fitness into high gear.

“It hasn’t helped me. I’m still angry, ” Wright jokes. “No, it’s put me into really great shape.”

Kickboxing classes are $69  a month for unlimited classes. They offer 112 classes per month. Gloves and wraps are provided.

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