What’s New Wednesday: New Body Fitness of Milan

Leslie Bullman says she really needs motivation to work out.

“After I had my son, I just needed to get back in shape. I needed someone to push me and guide me,” said Bullman.

New Body Fitness of Milan owner Ray Sutton has no problem doing just that.  He was a U.S. marine for 8 years. He says he specializes in accountability.

“If you’re not here, I’m calling you, I’m texting you. You don’t miss class at New Body Fitness,” said Sutton.

He tests endurance and strength, but one of the biggest challenges is flipping tires in class.

“It really pushes you to do more, like, you really think in your mind you can’t do it, but you can,” said Bullman.

Bullman’s hard work is paying off.

“I’ve lost almost 30 pounds and I have a little bit more to go,” said Bullman.

“She’s worked really hard. She’s dropped a lot of weight. She’s a leader in here. We love her. She’s a good girl,” said Sutton.

New Body Fitness of Milan is located at 1077 South Main Street in Milan.



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