What’s New Wednesday: Gimme A $5

“All you have to do is dig to the bottom. The further you dig, the better stuff you’re going to find,” said Heather Powell, store manager of Gimme A $5.

Dozens of shoppers are digging for goodies at the Gimme a $5 discount store on 53 Carriage House drive in Jackson.

“Our motto is ‘gimme a five, who knows what you’re going to find?’ said Powell.

Shoppers find everything from cell phone cases, to calendars and other knick-knacks.

“Everything is just $1. It’s cool! It’s random stuff,” said 8-year-old Kaylee Dalzell.

“I’ve seen an iPhone 8 and I’ve seen a laptop. Just seeing the emotion on peoples faces like, ‘oh my gosh! look what I just found,'” said Powell.

You can buy anything for $5 or less. On Monday’s, everything is $3, Tuesday’s: $2, Saturday/Sunday: $5 and Friday’s $.025!

“You could possibly get a laptop for $0.25!” said Powell. “We hope to improve the quality of life and hopefully you can get something wonderful,” said Powell.

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