Beer board punishes 5 Jackson businesses

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson Beer Board fined or suspended beer licenses for five businesses Thursday.

Jackson City Attorney Lewis Cobb said the businesses are accused of selling alcohol to a confidential informant under age 21 in June. “If they don’t check or if they check and don’t enforce, then they’re not being responsible,” Cobb said.

Fuel City Inc. and East Chester Express Inc. must pay a $1,500 fine within seven business days or lose their beer permit for 30 days. The city said this was the first offense for both stores.

“We want there to be consequences for not following that law,” Cobb said.

The board suspended beer permits for 30 days at Hays Food Express (Superway), Bull Market #3 and Star 24 Management Jackson Store #3 (Valero). The city said this is the second offense for these three stores.

“Having people who are underage drinking usually leads to drinking, driving and bad decisions,” Cobb said.

Cobb said for the third offense they usually revoke the license for a year. The suspensions are effective immediately.

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