Dyer Fire Department restores 75-year-old fire truck

DYER, Tenn. — This fire truck is the first truck the city of Dyer Fire Department bought back in the 1940’s. Now the fire department is getting the truck up and running for old time’s sake.

“Its a piece of history for the city of Dyer, as well as the fire department, and we’ve kind of took it on as a project to bring the department and the community together,” Capt. Patrick Sawyer.

Sawyer says getting the truck back running helps bridge the gap between the younger and older firemen.

“It helps build morale, and brings the department together. The older guys have been on for a long time. The younger guys, you know, it’s kind of common ground to get behind and work on,” said Sawyer.

The restorations to the truck were all made possible through donations raised by the community and long hours working on the truck.

“Right about $5,000 right now, and about 200 or so man-hours in getting it to this point,” said Sawyer.

Assistant Fire Chief Bob Moore says he started his career on this same truck, almost 50 years ago.

“It means the world to me. That is actually the fire truck that I had started out on and it means a lot to the entire department,” Moore said.

The Dyer Fire Department is still accepting donations to put the finishing touches on the truck.

“It’s all been done by donations and if anyone wants to give donations they can contact the dyer city hall,” said Moore.

For more information on how to donate, head to Dyer City Hall at 195 S. Main St. or call (731) 692-3767.

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