What’s New Wednesday: Century Farm Winery

Behind every good glass of wine is a winery and vineyard where it’s all made.

Century Farm Winery is nestled in the heart of Jackson just off I-40. They offer wine tastings, tours and outdoor concerts.

Operations Manager Bart Horton quit his day job to work in the family business.

“I worked in supply chain for 25 years and I thought I’ve had enough of this it’s time to go home and get into family business. It kept pulling me back, so here I am!
Our family has been here since the 1830’s,” said Horton.

Across the 13 and a half acre vineyard, Horton and his family work in an assembly line to make handcrafted wines.

“It is truly 4 generations,” said Horton.

“I think I’ve tasted over 10 wines, so either I’m happy or it’s just great and I think it’s just great,” laughs Jacqueline Gatewood who is visiting from Olive Branch, Mississippi.
“I’m not the designated driver, so I’m feeling really good.”

Make a stop if you haven’t already where you don’t have to listen to people whine, you can just drink it.

“This is my first stop ever and it won’t be my last,” said Gatewood.

Century Farm Winery is located at 1548 Lower Brownsville Road in Jackson. The next outdoor concert is Saturday, August 25, featuring “Little Boys Blue.”

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