What’s New Wednesday: Fudoshinka Dojo

Rita Corvinus practices mixed-martial arts at Fudoshinka Dojo in Jackson.

“Everyone looks like an idiot when they first start doing it and no one judges you for it,” said Corvinus.

” ‘Fudoshinka’ it means ‘the movable mind.’ ‘Dojo’ is Japanese for ‘training hall,'” says Fudoshinka Dojo owner Sherwin Moore. He grew up in Japan and says it was a dream come true to open this mixed-martial arts school.

“I started my school because it was my lifelong passion ever since I was 8-years -old,” says Moore.

Moore says one of the newest classes at the school is women’s self-defense. Rita says learning self defense skills in today’s society is vital.

“Because now that I have the knowledge and the confidence, I can walk around alone on a dark street and I’m not afraid. If you have the mentality of a victim, you’re going to be a victim,” said Corvinus.

“There’s a lot more violence in the world now.  It’s that little space of inner peace we all try to find and very few us actually find it,” said Moore.

Fudoshinka Dojo is located at 1869 Highway 45 Bypass in Jackson.

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