Jackson police patrol school zones

JACKSON, Tenn. — Police officers focus on school zones now that school is back in session.

Jackson Police Officer Buddy Crowell ran radar Friday along McClellan Road. “I just wrote a ticket for 36 in a 20,” he said. “People go way over the speed limit.”

Get caught speeding in a school zone and be prepared to pay a fine. “It’s a $77 court charge and plus a dollar for every mile over,” Crowell said.

Jackson-Madison County School System Director of Transportation Dr. Bryan Chandler said they have crossing guards at most schools in the city limits. “They are one of our first lines of defense for safety,” he said.

Chandler encouraged drivers to slow down and be patient. “I know sometimes it’s a little frustrating when you get held up, but we want to make sure that we have a safe environment for our students in our school zones,” he said.

A new state law that went into effect in January 2018 makes it illegal for drivers to talk on their cell phones with it in hand in an active school zone.

Crowell said he has not seen many people talking on phones, but did pull several people over accused of speeding Friday. “We’re going to be out here,” he said. “We’re going to enforce the law and we’re going to try to keep our kids safe.”

Police said the speed limits in school zones in Jackson range anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour.

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