Jackson Energy Authority customers to see increase in wastewater charge

JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson Energy Authority officials say they are looking for ways to maintain their infrastructure. In doing so, JEA customers will see an increase in their wastewater charge.

“There’s cost in connecting and sustaining customers access, so there will be a base rate for the access to the system,” JEA Communications Manager Steve Bowers said.

This base charge is a basic fee customers are charged for their wastewater usage.

Last year, residential customers were charged $6.22. Effective Oct. 1, customers will have a .96 increase to $7.18.

However, these charges will not affect residents’ regular water rates.

“The customers should not see or experience any kind of overall rate increase,” Bowers said. “What’s happening is that there is a base charge being put in for access to the water system.”

Also, commercial customers will see their wastewater base charge increase to $25.06, a $3.56 difference from last year. This base charge will have a slight effect for customers who use little to no water.

“Most customers will be neutral,” Bowers said. “There might be some customers that don’t use very much water at all, and the base rate would affect them slightly on the utility bill, but a high-volume user may actually see some decline.”

For more information about the new wastewater adjustments, contact JEA customer service at 731-422-7500.

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