What’s New Wednesday: Living Well Vegetarian Restaurant

Lisa Fraser moved from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“And then I met my husband and he got me to Tennessee, so yeah I blame him,” says Fraser.

Now, she lives in Huntingdon where she opened the “Living Well Vegetarian Restaurant.”

“When we moved here, it was very difficult for us to find something healthy to eat.  I grew up cooking a lot and I decided I need to cook something that is better than what is going on here,” said Fraser.

She along with her two sons and daughter help cook the healthy food.

“We are what we eat and because of that we try to eat plant based diet,” said Fraser.

They make lasagna made with tofu, organic cheesecake, and macaroni and cheese made from cashew nuts.

“Because in the Bible the Lord says our body is the Temple of the Lord so we are trying to preserve the Temple of the Lord by our diet,” said Fraser.

“Tofu has a lot of protein with less of the negative side effects,” says Fraser’s son and chef, Darren Hector.  “It’s one of those places you can come and feel guilt-free about it. Definitely, I believe something everyone should try.”

Living Well Vegetarian Restaurant is located 9760 East Main Street in Huntingdon, Tennessee.

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