Madison Co. officials welcome new county commissioners

JACKSON, Tenn. — Newly elected and re-elected county officials were sworn in Thursday morning, with many of those sworn in being first-time county commissioners.

“Being one of the new guys and the youngest, I’m hoping to at least be heard and represent my district well and those that live there,” said District 9 County Commissioner Joey Hale.

“I’m a person of morals and ethics for everyone, even though I’ve been elected for District 7,” District 7 County Commissioner Terry Spearman said.

Some officials were looking forward to bringing their previous community service and leadership roles to the commission.

“Our elected officials need to be spending our tax dollars more efficiently,” said District 2 County Commissioner Adrian Montague. “And I think with my background in the military as well as the MBA, I figured I can be that voice for the community.”

In the first year, many commissioners plan to tackle issues regarding the county’s education system.

“Education is my priority,” District 9 County Commissioner Jeff Wall said. “I certainly believe that, speaking with the other county commissioners that we have, that it’s also their priority, as it should be. I think it should be our county’s priority at this time.”

They also talked about proposed spending on a new county jail.

“Well, being a past law enforcement, I do think that the jail does need to be addressed, obvious the state thinks so too,” Hale said. “Moving forward, I’m not sure what is the best idea. There’s several out there.”

Out of 25 total commissioners, eight were newly elected and many of them will officially start during the next County Commission meeting on Monday, Sept. 17.

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