UT Martin bans smoking on campus

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. — A policy implemented July 1 of this year bans smoking on the University of Tennessee at Martin’s campus.

“That would include vaping. That would include any university vehicles or personal vehicles while on campus or any property that belongs to the university,” Lt. Charles Jahr from Public Safety said.

Students, who have been on campus only a week, say they can already see a difference.

“You would just walk outside and smoke would just blow in your face from people who would like to smoke right outside the door,” student Kayla Harris said.

“There’s not as many people gathered outside of buildings waiting on their next class to start,” student Case Cook said. “There’s, you see right there, there’s nobody out smoking.”

Students say it makes their walks to class much more pleasant. “There’s not as many people smoking outside Humanities. I have two classes there this semester, so it’s definitely cut down,” student Kenley Schwartz said.

Professor Tim Hacker said it all goes back to health insurance. “The state is paying to keep us healthy, and we should not be breathing other people’s smoke,” Hacker said.

But ultimately, he’s surprised at the new policy. “I’m surprised that they made the ruling. I did not think that we would do that, but I really think that it came down to the point I made just a moment ago, that the state is paying for our health insurance,” he said.

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