What’s New Wednesday: Glory Dance with Amanda Scott

“I did not choose dance, dance definitely chose me,” said Dance Director at Glory Dance in North Jackson, Amanda Scott.

She teaches ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary.

“My teaching style is pretty quirky,” Scott said. “I feel like the difference that I can bring to the table is not only the knowledge that I have with traveling the whole world, but also teaching confidence.”

Her talents twirl across the globe. She has even taught dance in Germany and Turkey.

“It’s really creative. She really incorporates other dance types. I feel like I’m getting the whole package for one thing. It’s really cool,” said Scott’s hip-hop dance student, Kennedy Bunting.

Children and young teens ages 3 to 18-years-old can sign up. Adults feeling groovy can also try a class.

“Once they learn and progress,  they say hey ‘if I work hard, I can actually do this skill,'” said Scott.

Skills that Scott hopes to continue to teach the rest of her life.

“That good feeling you always have when you’re dancing, it’s addicting,” said Scott.

Glory Dance is located at 117 Bowling Drive in North Jackson inside Glory Gymnastics.

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