McKenzie police investigate card skimming at local gas stations

McKENZIE, Tenn. — The McKenzie Police Department has found credit card skimmers at local gas stations. They say this type is much more difficult to detect than skimmers they’ve seen in the past.

“These skimmers are a lot different because the general public is not going to be able to see them,” Jasmin Burgess, an investigator with the McKenzie Police Department, said.

The skimmers found this week were placed inside the machine, out of plain sight.

“The thief would actually go and open up the gas pump and place these inside of the gas pump,” Burgess said. “Where in the past, we’ve seen them putting them on the top of the gas pump where the credit card would be inserted. So, these are inside the actual gas pump.”

The city of McKenzie was one of the victims. “Multiple victims had come up to the police department to report that their cards were being used in different parts of the country that they weren’t in, and it had also happened to the city of McKenzie as well,” Burgess said.

The police department says residents should not worry about using pumps in McKenzie. “They have been removed from the gas station pumps. They are in our evidence room, and we are actively investigating,” Burgess said.

But, to be on the safe side, the McKenzie Police Department says the best way to avoid a skimmer is to not use a card at all. Instead, use cash.

“It’s important that they’re always cautious because this is a national issue, and it’s going to continue to happen as technology grows,” Burgess said.

Burgess said gas stations should be cautious as well. “We’ve shown them pictures of the equipment that was used, and we’re continuing to ask that they proactively check their pumps, and we’re continuing to investigate this issue as well,” Burgess said.

If you think you have been skimmed, call the McKenzie Police Department at 731-352-2264.

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