Local church celebrates 130th anniversary

JACKSON, Tenn — Lester’s Chapel United Methodist Church has been active for over 10 decades. This weekend the congregation celebrated that milestone.


“130 years of faithful service to God, to man, to our neighbors and to the greater Jackson community,” says Pastor Dr. Joseph Thornton.

He says many rural churches do not stand the test of time, but it’s the generations of loyal families that keep their church going.

“This congregation is incredibly faithful, and has remained constant over these many years and so that’s what we’re celebrating,” says Pastor Thornton.


During the celebration members of Lester’s Chapel spoke about the church’s history and background. There were numerous songs of worship, and a brief moment of remembrance for those they had lost.

Dr. Joseph Thornton is one of the longest serving methodist pastors in the jackson area. He is well respected by his church members. He has been a mentor for some, and an inspiration for others.

The church has a Sunday breakfast every week. It is a 30 year tradition and  signifies their close bond. 30 to 40 people show up every Sunday to worship and fellowship together.

“It’s just a loving church. We help people in the community, in the church… and it’s just a great little church and we wish anybody and everybody will come and serve some time with us,” says their associate pastor Rev. James Ellington.

Lester’s Chapel United Methodist Church welcomes all to join them, their service begins every Sunday morning at 11.





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