Jackson Student Council holds weeklong service project

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students put their backs into it Wednesday volunteering with the Jackson Student Council.

“We represent over 3,000 kids,” Angela Glasgow, chair of the Jackson Student Council, said. “Our mission is to thread the community of Jackson with unity and coming together and proving some of the people wrong and just being there and serving the community as best needed.”

They started the group back in February with the hopes of making an impact in the community.

“We decided since 9/11 is a national service day, we decided to go bigger and make it a national service week,” said Madyson Jaynes, program director for the Jackson Student Council.

On Monday, students went to the Dream Center and volunteered at their fundraising event.

They were at RIFA on Tuesday helping in the soup kitchen and with the Snack Backpack program.

“I’m hoping this will start a movement where people will see us doing this and then they’ll be like, ‘hey, let’s go here and do something,’ just kind of start a chain reaction in the community,” Trevor Wilson, a student at Jackson Christian, said.

The students hope to make this an annual event.

“Our hope for the service week itself is to get our name out there, be recognized that we’re here, we’re ready to serve, we’re ready to volunteer, we’re ready to give our all,” Glasgow said.

The council will finish the week volunteering at Heads Up Preschool Thursday and helping paint walls at Arlington Elementary Friday.

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