What’s New Wednesday: L&D Retrieving

HENDERSON, Tenn.– Chris Scott says at 16-years-old his love for dogs lead him down his career path.

“I saw what a trained dog was capable of and I was hooked from then on,” said Scott.

He created L&D Retrieving in Henderson.

“Lady and Dusty were the names of my first 2 dogs which is what the “L” and “D” stands for. We train retrievers for people who like to duck hunt. If you’ve never had a trained dog, you need to see what its all about,” said Scott.

“My love for dogs goes over everything,” said Scott’s son, Kyle.

Kyle started training dogs and helping the family business at 10-years-old.

“It’s not your basic ‘sit and stay’ tricks that you practice at your house. It is very intense,” says Kyle.

“We train them to be steady to a gun shot. You shoot the bird and then you don’t go until you tell the dog to leave on their name and go straight to the bird then they will bring the bird straight back and deliver it to hand,” said Scott.

The Scotts’ say gun-dog training is something that every dog owner should fetch.

“Trainer a retriever makes the hunt so much better,” said Scott.

“To see them succeed and get them fulfilled means a lot. It’s really rewarding to be able to see it work,” said Kyle.

L&D Retrieving is located at 420 Harry Scott Lane in Henderson, Tennessee. The Scotts also own and operate “Wet Nose Resort” where you can board your dogs if you go on a vacation.