Brownsville budget discussion continues

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Department heads from Brownsville came to Town Hall Thursday in hopes to approve the city’s budget.

“You challenged me at a board meeting to make cuts, present a balanced budget without a tax increase. That’s what I’ve done,” Mayor Bill Rawls said.

Representatives from Main Street Brownsville, the police department and the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center were at the meeting telling city leaders how they’ve implemented cuts in their departments.

One of the biggest discussions they had was if they should add the grant administrator’s salary back into the budget as a full-time position.

Shalondria Shaw is the mayor’s assistant. She says part of the budget issues come down to communication between departments.

“The problem has been the accounting and grant department have not had communication,” Shaw said.

Aldermen want to change Shaw’s title, but also don’t think her position should be full time.

Mayor Rawls disagrees.

“That has to be in the budget, cannot cut that position,” Rawls said.

After three hours, the mayor and aldermen still had not approved the budget.

Their next meeting will be Monday, where they hope to finally approve this year’s budget.

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