American Red Cross helps thousands impacted by Florence

NORTH CAROLINA — The American Red Cross is asking for your help assisting those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Tasha is mother to Kychayla, 10, and identical twins, Amier and Nazier, 3. A lifelong resident of Belhaven, N.C., Tasha experienced Hurricane Floyd in 1999 when her previous home flooded. Reflecting on the differences between Floyd and Florence, she shares, “I left even faster this time.” Photo by Daniel Cima/American Red Cross

The Red Cross is currently helping thousands in North Carolina and other states impacted by the storm.

The organization is asking for donations to help them continue their efforts to help those affected by the storm.

So far, the Red Cross had sheltered more than 20,000 people, including some in Tennessee.

They’ve also helped serve more than 129,000 meals and snacks across the affected states.

Plus, more than 2,000 disaster workers have been sent out to help those affected by the hurricane.

Donations help the Red Cross continue to provide for those in need.

If you would like to donate, visit the Red Cross website.

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