Hot and Muggy Last Week of Summer

Weather Update – 11:00 p.m. – Monday, September 17th

On average, West Tennessee should have experienced roughly 60 afternoons in 90°F weather by this time of the year, but 2018 decided to be an overachiever and has racked up 80!

This is still nowhere near the record of 99 total days in the 90s by September 17th which we had in 1954 but is still almost 3 extra weeks of 90°F than we typically have. This year, Summer will end with more heat and humidity ahead, so don’t expect “sweater weather” just yet.

Under mostly clear skies tonight our weather will stay rain-free this evening and Tuesday morning. It’ll be a mild night, as we’ll only be in the middle to upper 60s by sunrise and typically by this time of the year, we should be starting out in the upper 50s.

If you liked today, you’ll love tomorrow! High temperatures will be close to 90°F Tuesday afternoon under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with a small chance for an isolated shower. That chance for rain is only 10%. Temperatures will be warm all week and it’ll stay humid. Highs near 90°F will feel like middle 90s during the afternoon. On average, our last day with highs in the 90s isn’t until September 21st. The first full day of Fall is Sunday, September 23rd. Tune into WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News for the latest forecast, and keep up with Storm Team Weather online too for more updates!

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