Local FOP members enjoy annual BBQ

JACKSON, Tenn.–Local Fraternal Order of Police members enjoyed some good BBQ Tuesday.

It was all for their Annual BBQ on Cotton Grove Road. Jackson Police Captain Jeff Shepard says it’s a good time to meet with retirees.
New, current and retired Fraternal Order of Police members could attend. Captain Shepard says he has been a part of the Fraternal Order since he was 5-years-old. His father retired from the police department as well.

“I think it helps us tremendously, like I said, people who don’t work with the Police department or Sheriff’s department anymore gives them an opportunity to come out see people that are still working and other people they used to work with,” said Captain Shephard.

Captain Shepard says people not in FOP can also join the lodge as associate members at www.jacksontnfop.com.

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