JMCSS to receive $300K in security funding

JACKSON, Tenn. — State leaders announced $35 million in funding for school safety and security. Many local school districts in West Tennessee will receive some of that money.

“I think that’s a great way, you know, for kids to be able to feel more safe when they’re at school,” Kristen Thomas, a parent, said.

The Jackson-Madison County School System said it will receive more than $300,000 in grant money for school safety.

JMCSS Student Support Services Leader Corey Currie said they plan to use the money for radios and cameras.

“The secretaries or the assistants can see who they are letting into the building,” he said.

Currie said they could also use the funding for a system that scans IDs for people visiting schools.

“It indicates whether that person is safe to be in the building around kids,” he said.

The district said they want to be more proactive about safety. Thomas said she feels safe sending her child to school, but liked the idea of more security.

“That will just boost the confidence of everyone, I think,” she said.

Currie said people can expect to start seeing upgrades over the next few months.

Several other districts in West Tennessee will also receive funding. Some of those include Chester County, Crockett County and Henderson County Schools.

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