Officers from across state train in Jackson for mass casualty response

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. —¬†Officers from across West Tennessee learn medical skills in the event of a mass casualty incident.

Officers from agencies across the state participated Monday in the class at the West Tennessee Regional Training Center.

The class is one of four that will be held this week, teaching officers how to handle injuries for themselves and others in natural disasters, car crashes or active shooter situations.

“We want the public to know that, if in the event of an active shooter, that we are prepared and that we’re taking further steps than doing just the basic active shooter course,” said Lt. Joe Gill with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re going in and getting these people. We’re taking it to the next level by providing first aid.”

The class will be held again Tuesday through Thursday, teaching the same techniques to new classes each day.

Lt. Gill says they expect to have at least 100 officers attend the classes.

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