Asst. police chief recalls scene of shooting outside football game

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Brownsville Assistant Police Chief Kelvin Evans says he heard what at first sounded like fireworks around 9:30 p.m. Friday at the Haywood County High School homecoming game.

To his surprise, the firework sounds were gunshots.

“People running, I mean terrified. It was terror,” Chief Evans said.

People came out to see a homecoming game for fun and tailgating, but the fun and games were soon put to a stop after shots rang out in the parking lot of L.Z. Hurley Memorial Stadium.

Once Chief Evans realized what he heard, he immediately took action.

“After the second shot and the third shot, we saw people running,” Chief Evans said. “That’s when we proceeded to make our way to where the gunshots were ringing from.”

But before getting to the shooter, a good Samaritan and his family took matters into their own hands.

Chief Evans said Patrick Shields is a hero for the actions he took.

“Immediately went into action, took the gun, disarmed him and took the gun and took him to the ground,” Chief Evans said.

After shields disarmed the gunman, his family followed suit.

“His cousin Greg Shields was standing on the weapon with his foot on it, making sure nobody touched the weapon,” Chief Evans said.

Evans said many people were running to get to safety.

“Hundreds of people I would say, about 150, 200 people, was running. We were running against the crowd,” Chief Evans said. “About the worst incident I’ve been involved in, in my 26 years of service.”

Chief Evans said the shooter is in custody at a juvenile detention center in Memphis.

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