Judge hears updates on two murder cases

JACKSON, Tenn. — A Madison County judge hears updates on two murder cases Tuesday. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Julia Ewoldt was in the courtroom.

Braxton Taylor

“Mr. Braxton Taylor, you’re charged with the offense of first degree murder, on count one. On count two, you’re charged with unlawful carrying or possession of a deadly weapon,” Judge Don Allen said.

Braxton Taylor is accused of killing 20-year-old Daithan Cobb.

“Count one alleges that on January 28 of 2018, that you unlawfully, intentionally and with premeditation shoot and kill Daithan Cobb,” Judge Allen said.

Cobb died weeks later in a local hospital. Tuesday’s re-indictment changed a fact of the case.

“It’s not changing the offense alleged, it’s just changing the allegation of when the death may have occurred,” Judge Allen said.

Taylor is set to appear in court again on Nov. 13.

And another step was taken in the case against Darwin Reid.

Darwin Reid

He’s accused of “child abuse, aggravated child neglect and two counts of felony murder,” Judge Allen said.

He’s charged with killing 4-year-old Zion Croom while babysitting for the child’s mother in 2016.

This case will go to trial at the start of next year.

Reid will have a status update Dec. 18.

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