Law enforcement agencies get forensic training

DENMARK, Tenn. —  “Things are not always what they seem. That’s why law enforcement agencies trained with the Middle Tennessee Forensic Center on cases involving death on Tuesday.

“Because of the changing in crime, and how crime is committed, and how death occurred,” Terry McCreight, Chief Investigator at the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office, said. 

They learned how long it takes to get an autopsy, what should be left alone on the scene and different manners of death and how they occur.

In the training, they also learned to take a second look if something does not seem right. “It’ll enhance us out in the field, what to look for while doing a death investigation,” McCreight said.

One of the biggest lessons they had: good communication with the forensic doctors.

“It’s very important when we’re on the scene as it relates to a homicide or a death to let them know what we have and what they expect them to see when they get the body,” McCreight said.

They also learned why this work is important. “One, it helps us tell what happened to the decedent,” McCreight said, “Two, it gives closure to the family so that they can know exactly what happened to their loved one.”

That is critical to their job.


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